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The Magickey Teknik® trademark and copyright policy has been developed to define how the "Magickey Teknik®" trademark may be used by its various collaborators. Anyone who joins the Magickey® Network Team must do so within the framework of integrity with regard to our trademarks and with respect for copyright vis-à-vis the name Magickey Teknik ®, its logo. , its training programs, its videos, its network, its websites, its products, its workshops, its books and all other related material.


Magickey Teknik®,®, Hand Yoga of Magickey Teknik® are trademarks currently registered in Canada, the United States and other countries around the world. In addition, it is registered in several other countries by the Projektia Group Inc., the holding company of the Magickey® Network and Original-Health Distribution ltd. , which owns the company Académie Mondiale Magickey Teknik®, a division of Projektia inc. (hereinafter called PROJEKTIA). All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. You cannot use the names of Magickey Teknik®, Yoga des Mains Magickey Teknik® or® as part of a trade name, website domain name, printed matter or for any other use, without the written authorization of PROJEKTIA INC. or ORIGINAL HEALTH DISTRIBUTION LTD.


Unless otherwise noted, all documents produced by Original Health Distribution ltd. whose content, all of these websites, the Magickey Teknik® logo, workshop content, books and products, are protected by copyright law. You may not reproduce, redistribute or otherwise use any material from the Magickey Teknik® World Academy without written permission from Original Health Distribution ltd. You must also obtain written permission in order to use the name of Magickey Teknik® and / or logos on products or goods.

The rights of use related to the Magickey Teknik® trademark can be granted as follows:

1-You can use the title of “Magickey Teknik® Energy Practitioner or Therapists” on your advertisements and on your website ONLY IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MAGICKYE TEKNIK® THERAPIST.

2-You must also hold a sworn contract before a commissioner.

3-The term "certified or graduate" cannot be used before obtaining your certification diploma as an Energy Therapist Magickey Teknik®, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3, for courses 101-106, 107-115 , 116-143 and to have followed all your required hours minimum 500 hours in total at Level 1 (supervised course and practice) within the Magickey Teknik® World Academy.

4-You can use our registered trademarks ONLY WITH A SIGNED "Reseller" AGREEMENT with Original Health Distribution ltd. or a teacher agreement signed with the World Academy Magickey Teknik® inc. or by contract with the Association of Therapists Magickey Teknik®.

5-For logos and the name, logo and content of the website in order to promote your practice as "Practitioner / Energy Therapist of the International Association Magickey Teknik®" contact the Association. .

The logo should only be used in combination with the term "Magickey Teknik® Energy Therapists or Magickey Teknik® Hand Yoga".

Additional written permissions are required to use the name Magickey Teknik® as part of a business name, Internet domain name, Facebook page, or others.

THIS IS UNDER VERY STRICT CONTRACT TO FOLLOW, and contracts that have been sworn in before a Commissioner for Oaths.


Projektia Group Inc. Trademark Use Policies, updated January 15, 2020 V1.1

By the board of directors of Original Health Distribution LTD.

* The trademarks Magickey Teknik®, Yoga des Mains de Magickey Teknik® are registered trademarks belonging to Projektia inc and Original Health Distribution ltd respectively.

* The websites are all a holding company that is part of the Magickey® Network Family and the group. Our advertisements are managed by the group and trademarks Magickey Teknik®, Yoga of the Hands by Magickey Teknik ® are registered trademarks belonging respectively to Projektia inc and Original Health Distribution ltd. Our websites are hosted and maintenance is done by one of our affiliated companies.


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